Soooo here goes nothing.

Mindfulness in the morning. Y'all, especially as a southerner, I think that this little time of life is more hectic than most. A family, husband & 3 kids, and a career, private practice, and, and, and. List goes on. Well, I am taking a moment to reflect and be mindful this morning. My son, who is 6, is carrying a huge king cake (daddy went oversize) into his school as I dropped him off today. Three big kids in front of him and a kindergartener. No one offers to hold the door. The three older children went in first and then the sweet kindergartener scurried in around him as fast as she could go. Leaving my boy to balance this huge box with one hand and a leg and open the heavy I'm braking and watching from afar and making sure he gets in and trying not to cause an accident in the car line.

Do I think this is a case of kids being inconsiderate and rude? No, not at all. They all have their own thoughts going on about the day. They need to get to the gym for morning assembly. They have a test today. They are new to school. These are all beautiful children. BUT, a little mindfulness in the morning could go a long way.

Let's all hit the pause button for a minute today. Whether you say a prayer or meditate or just have a piece of silence. Try it. 

And if you want more practice for your kids, consider enrolling them in my 3-part series on manners and mindfulness. New series starts in March.